Good Omens

Chapter Four

(5th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, City of Blessyou, Midnight) With the gates slammed shut by Reese behind us the town itself looks deserted in a very organized fashion. After checking the town’s food storage it looks like this town populace was consumed by a massive protection spell guarding the temple. The doors of the temple appear to have been shut tight. The protection spell seems to be holding the doors against evil. The bard begins to sing a melancholy ballad and the doors open. We slip inside and the doors shut behind us. The spell protecting this place appears to have adopted us and wrapped itself around us. We headed towards the dais looking for a way into the catacombs beneath the temple. The dragon slid the rings onto the statue of the magistrates fingers and a path into the catacombs opened up before them. As we descended into the basement of the Temple, an unnatural wind began to blow very loudly above. As we ventured beneath we came across a pair of doors flush with the wall covered in writing older than draconic. The symbology in the writing would indicate that most of the religions of our land are descended from this one. I suppose if the implication that something old and evil is bound beneath this temple then it being far older than anything believed currently makes sense if the angelic creatures story is true and Ragnarok is upon us. I still worry about what forces are at work here. As we studied the doors skeletons came charging around the corner of a near by hallway. Combat Ensued. During combat the thief opened the doors to the anti-chamber we were studying the doors of. We were drawn into the anti-chamber towards 8 tables and enticed to pick them up. A moment later we began hearing footsteps from where we had come. A dark angel approached thanking us for opening the chamber of the tablets. He seemed rather upset when we each began to be filled with some form of holy energy and was easy to pacify with a simple sleep spell. As the dark angel fell to the floor he chose to throw an ice shard at me, pitiful creature. The next Moment we were in the house of the angel Amopheles. Apparently the queen is still alive and we need to find her. This will not end well.

(5th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Home of Amophalese, Morning) Amophalese is now human and the ladies are fawning over his newly discovered needs. They have headed towards town to aquire goods for his new form.



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