Good Omens

(2013-06-08) Chapter Three

(3rd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Road to Blessyou, Dusk) We finally escaped that blasted tunnel. The cleric decided that the refugees will travel with Kat to the temple leaving us with one of the farmers named Reese. I don’t trust the man as far as the halfling could throw him sadly the decision seems to not be mine. As we traveled down the road we encountered five armed zombies. Combat ensued. Shortly afterwords we started to prep the bodies. Stripping them, and placing them on the pyre. I was going to take a sample of the infected blood for examination except the corpses had been exsanguinated prior to their attack. While doing this examination an angel of some diety of some sort name Amophalese spoke to multiple members of the party in their heads. Then appeared before us to say that we needed to travel to the catacombs under blessyou. He would protect us as much as he could but we are headed for ragnarok. He apparently is going against his master. He prepped a small circle of safety for a nights rest.
(4th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Road to Blessyou, Dawn) We head out and the hallowed ground of the small camp dissipates. I am glad of that, it made me very uncomfortable. We head out to blessyou. Shortly after we headed out the dragon picked the halfling up like a child and carried it on her shoulders. An hour or so after we broke camp we were ambushed. Combat Ensued. After burning the corpses we headed toward the temple city of bless you. Two of our party were poisoned by the flesh gollums.
(4th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Gates of Blessyou, Midnight) We arrived at the gates of a deserted town. It appears to have been deserted in an orderly fashion. Just short of the gates, the angel Amophalese appears ahead of us with sever battle wounds. He was apparently in the middle of a battle and faded out after telling us to get into the catacombs again. We moved inside the gates and Reese slammed the gates shut behind us.



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