Good Omens

Chapter Six

(5th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Lake Muckity-Muck, Afternoon) We have delved deeper into the Cave and encountered a full battle formation of almost defleshified undead. At the far end of the cave appears to be some form of undead entity about 100ft tall. It appears that the entity has been bound in this cavern by something of immense power. There were many pipes and tubes going into and coming from the entity. It looks like the lifeblood of this entity is the source of the lakes power and it has recently become corrupt. This might also explain the recent plague of undead. During the middle of combat the queen shows up to the party and rushes us out of the cavern running towards the gates. She flashed some form of magic bracer and the gates opened quickly. We met with the captain of the guard and headed back to Amophalese to discuss the runes.

(5th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Mime, Evening) We discussed the current situation while I copied down the scenes and runes for future examination. It was decided to travel back to Bless’hue to obtain the last tablet for the queen. We retired to an inn in Mime, I staked out the common room for the evening to complete my notes and rest.

(6th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Mime, Midnight) There was a loud clunk on the stairs.. I still am not quite sure what happened. It was most likely a drunk.



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