Good Omens

Chapter Five

(5th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Miam, Mid-Morning) We arrived in the town to no fanfare. I began by picking up a pair of maps of this blasted place. Quickly after purchasing the horribly overpriced map I visited the local tavern looking for information. The plague lake apparently was a popular spot prior to the local merchants guild purchasing it and closing it off about 2-3 weeks ago. There has been no sighting of the queen so far. Shortly after I left the bar 5 black clad armored thugs marched into town and detained the party. I put myself out of their range of control and followed them to the angels home. After a short meeting they were marched off to the lake compound and escorted inside. Unfortunately my presence was detected and I was instructed to enter the undead prison compound as well. He denied us even the most basic of protections. If I encounter this man again, he will most likely not survive the encounter.

(5th day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Lake Muckity-Muck, Afternoon) Shortly after we entered the lake compound we were accosted by waves of undead inside a set of caves filled with broken alchamical devices.



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