There was a period of time when Grindalon was a fairly gorgeous and picturesque little castle. To some, it still is. To most others though, it looks like the castle equivalent of a grizzled old war hero missing an eye, has a carved plank of wood for a right hand, and a mace for a left leg. When the last empire fell apart centuries ago, Grindalon was unfortunately in a prime raiding position from the nomadic barbarians infesting the nearby mountain range. Each time they attacked, Castle Grindalon would lose some gold, food, clothing, and a fair amount of bricks1.

Grindalon has spent much of its stores on repairing the damage caused by each raid, but the quality of the repair job has dwindled over the years. Truthfully, there’s only so many times you’re going to spend the time painstakingly carving intricate patterns in quickly drying mortar if you know it’s just a matter of time before it gets knocked down again. At this point, the walls and doors that have been put up are really more to indicate to the barbarians “Okay, we’re ready again!” rather than to offer any sort of protection at all. That said, the barbarians have yet to breech the inner keep itself2.

Town Buildings

  • Inn
  • Market
  • Keep

Important People

1 A few scouting parties have been sent out over the years to learn of the purpose of stealing bricks. They’ve reported that the male barbarians use these bricks as badges of honor. They build towers out of these bricks, called “Peens”, in front of their houses as a way of demonstrating their prowess. Each of them believes these towers are significant, but in actuality the only purpose they seem to serve is in frustrating the barbarian women. The women of the tribe also collect the occasional brick or two, but use these in an entirely different manner; to throw at their husbands’ heads when they’ve negated their chores in favor of their “Peens.”

2 Many years ago one barbarian, named Grarrl, had actually made it inside the castle keep. However, it was entirely on accident as he was trying to find the lavatory. The moment he realized where he was, he quickly apologized and headed off, much to the surprise and bladder relief of King Ilfar the Nervous.


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