Good Omens

(2013-05-11) Chapter Two

(2nd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Grendleon Outskirts, Evening) We arrived at the outskirts of Grendleon finally. Its not the wealthiest place I’ve passed through but it is certainly a lot wealthier than Snifflehelm. The bard in her ultimate wisdom demanded to see the King of the realm. Two soldiers A dwarf and a human stopped us from approaching the keep. Apparently they decided we were threats to the kings privacy. We were rather forcefully escorted to a room inside the keep and warned to stay in our room. Apparently the king is working on an heir and is only capable of doing so once a month. Most bizarre.

(2nd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Grendleon Keep, Evening) Within 5 minutes of the guards leaving the bard and the rogue decided that listening to the guards was a bad idea and started exploring the castle. The bard and rogue were summarily accosted by the nude Queen with a dagger and sent back to their room. The King arrived a few minutes later to debrief us in the situation in sniffleheim. He left shortly afterwords to disrobe his wife, with a promise to have a more formal meeting with us in the morning. Apparently the king needs a potion to mate with his wife. Very odd.

*(3rd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Grendleon Keep, Morning) We were escorted into the throne room. The queen looking very deadly with her longsword across her lap. A few minutes of discussions followed and ended abruptly with several large booms from outside the walls. Two guards rushed in alerting the King and Queen to an attack as the barbarians breached the outer wall of the keep. We went outside and combat ensued.

Some of the barbarians were infected by the goo. After they were quickly dispatched The Queen and most of my traveling companions headed downstairs while I rebuilt the outer walls with an illusion. The Queen reappeared a few minutes later and enlightened me that both she and the king consumed the purple humor regularly with only positive effects. She believes that the lake in the nearby mountains that the fluid is sourced from must have become corrupt. After peering over the walls at the oncoming horde she believed the keep had no chance of survival from the incoming zombie horde. She escorted us into an escape tunnel in the keep basement.

(3rd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, On the road to Blessyou, Afternoon) We emerged from the tunnel in early afternoon.



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