Good Omens

(2013-04-27) Chapter 1

(1st day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Sniffelhelm, Morning) I woke up with a handful of confetti. I tucked it inside a pouch in case it might be useful in the future. I have no idea where it came from. This place smells of urine and feces like no other I have ever been. The northern pass out of town is blocked by a mudslide about 7 hours out of the town, I am stuck here another day. This is most irritating. The food at this inn is atrocious and not filling. I don’t know how the local population can stand it.

(1st day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Sniffelhelm, Afternoon) One of the half lings from the boat has decided to serenade us with her luteing skills. She is respectable but Bartholomew back on the boat was far better. Sigh There was a scuffle going on upstairs, The bard and the odd Dragonborn by the fire are apparently concerned and shouting about it after the bards second set. This place is so boring apparently all of the refugees from the boat are finding the scuffle intriguing. As everyone moved away the ceiling fell taking the beds from upstairs with it, killing the bartender instantly. Five human ruffians rode the ceiling down looking less than friendly. One of the men having fallen through took a swing at one of the locals. The Dragonborn pulled a crossbow trying to intimidate. One of the other ruffians clocked the bard for some reason.

A fight ensued. I put the creatures to sleep and tossed a flaming sphere into the mix, first chance I had and let the mob handle the beating and the hacking.

The men seemed to have been infected by something as their ichor had changed to a rather putrid shade of purple. Their eyes vacant and their souls had departed this world for the next. I collected a large jar of the ichor for later examination. It appears the events that transpired upstairs were as follows, one of the men obtained a large pickle sized jar of this ichor. There was an argument and scuffle. During the scuffle the potion was broken and splashed on one or more of the 5 members. Turning them into the husks that attacked, possibly attacking each other. At some point prior to the floor falling, two of the beds were apparently overturned and covered in ichor. The half-ling found a silk seal that covered this potion.

The 6 of us from the ship and a couple townsfolk decided to take a visit to the house of the one member of the posse of dead men who was not pleasant. Lars chateaux as the half-ling dubbed it was a small hovel on the outskirts of town. When the mob arrived, the house was apparently empty. The plated warrior pushed a bit harder then necessary and shoved the door in as if it wasn’t there. The half-ling ran on ahead. The house seemed lived in but it appeared that Lars never came home last night and was still nowhere to be found. It appears there were several people around his house last night.

(1st day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Sniffelhelm, Evening) The group decided to camp in town for the evening. The night was uneventful. The town decided to begin cleaning and rebuilding the inn.
After my evening meditation I walked over to the inn and had a confrontation with one of the townsfolk about not messing with the hazardous substance that now covered the inn. They did not take kindly to my advice and I stayed outside just in case they did something stupid. As a favor to them I gave them a light to work by for the evening while I studied my books.

(2nd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Sniffelhelm, Dawn) They finished stabilizing the inn by dawn and I packed up my gear heading to the northern gate of Sniffelhelm. The rest of the party from the boat wandered north not long later. We continued along the windy path in the mountains towards the mudslide.

(2nd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Northern Pass from Sniffelhelm, Morning) A group of bandits decided to attack us on the northern pass. The first one fell out of his hiding spot and was quickly turned into a pin cushion by the other members of this traveling group. I decided to end this stupidity the only proper way. Fear, Uncertainty and Death. A quick prestidigitation of a fireball had them all quivering or running away. After questioning learned of a body further along the road to the north. I tied him in a slaves collar knot and had him out in front. We investigated the body further north and discovered it is likely Lars. I chose to strip the body of its clothing and possessions and examine the body for wounds looking for a cause of death. He appeared to have been rolled off the road at some point in the recent past, probably by the bandits that attacked him.
We may have a poisoned dagger on the loose. After a full examination of the body I set it down on the pyre preparing to incinerate the body. He appears to have been travelling from the landslide towards town. There was a scuffle and he was infected after receiving several wounds. We set the pyre on fire and continued north towards the landslide.

(2nd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Northern Pass from Sniffelhelm, Morning) As we continued along the road towards the landslide we discovered another body under some foliage. It appears to have been a wealthy merchant. He appears to have been stabbed about 1-2 days ago. He does not appear to have been infected. The thief decided to loot him and not share. I will have to keep an eye on her.

(2nd day of Eleint, 1371 DR, Northern Pass from Sniffelhelm, Afternoon) We reached spot where we encountered the landslide a couple days ago, they appeared to have cleared it but are shambling around. They apparently were turned sometime after clearing the landslide. The began shambling towards us. Combat Ensued. Of course we won. We cleaned up the remnants and burned the bodies.



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