It’s all over.

That’s right, the apocryphal forces of Evil and the holy forces of Good are preparing to do battle and end the eternal struggle once and for all. Everyone’s known this for, well, ever… but no one really believes it. For countless centuries the world has just gone on and on.

All the prophecies ever written talk about the End of All with brilliant, dazzling signs. The kind of signs that even the lowly amoebae would flee in sheer terror at the sight or sound of. The kind of signs that would make the warmongering orcs or conniving packs of goblins stop their mischief in half a heartbeat and just give up. Everyone would simply point to the sky, exclaim “Well there you are then,” and politely keel over to save anyone else the trouble.

Not a single sign like this has ever been seen, which says a lot about the prophets. Any prophet worth their weight in salt would have told you that the End of All would happen just like the Beginning of All did. It just happened. No huge warning signs, no glowing countdown in the sky, and definitely no town criers offering you last-minute sales on stamina-enhancing potions and such.

But what kind of a story would this be, if the ending was already written? Where will the End of All happen, and how? And what will happen after? There definitely are signs occurring, but it would take only the most advanced brains in the known world to discern them. Or, a brilliant stroke of fate…

Good Omens

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